Our second episode, “The Promise”, is now available on YouTube at the following link:


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Hi folks,

We are very pleased to announce that our first episode is complete and available for viewing on YouTube at the link below!


Work on Episode 02 has already begun. Check back here every so often for updates and exclusive preview materials. We look forward to hearing some feedback!

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Episode 01 Synopsis

In anticipation of our very first episode (which should debut in a week or two), we’ve prepared a short synopsis.

Episode 01: “We ain’t the dead”      Two strangers experience a fateful meeting when the violence of the world in which they live forces them to cross paths.

Our premiere episode will be over five minutes in length and, as always, will feature brand new music and illustrations. Until next time, enjoy an exclusive image from ATLAS!

Exclusive art from ATLAS Episode 01

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Welcome to apocalypsepulp.wordpress.com!

The purpose of this blog is to provide readers with additional information about ATLAS, the new post-apocalyptic webcomic. This blog is maintained exclusively by the creators of ATLAS and will be updated routinely in order to enhance your reading experience.

ATLAS is serialized fiction in the pulp tradition. It is the story of an epic journey through a futuristic landscape shaped by cataclysm. Each new episode will be delivered via YouTube.

All content is completely original (including music and art) and has been developed solely for the ATLAS webcomic. Visit this blog in the coming weeks for special previews as we prepare to release our first installment. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy ATLAS!

Official title card of the ATLAS webcomic

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